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A video wall solution for those who care about reliability, management and scalability.

For over 10 years, companies around the globe have trusted their video wall projects to Userful.
Userful’s unique technology delivers a fully-featured video wall that uses 90% less hardware and reduces up to 40% the total cost of traditional AV solutions.
Less hardware
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Userful is different than traditional video wall solutions. It dramatically reduces the hardware required whether that's proprietary hardware, custom hardware or just complicated hardware such as encoders and decoders, mini computers etc.
Userful doesn’t rely on:


Use any display of any kind anywhere you want

Userful is made to last. It is flexible enough to work with any display and scalable enough to manage all displays in a room, building, region or location.  

Userful  works with Smart Displays using just a software app or with any other display by adding an adaptor that is a fraction of the cost of traditional media players or decoders because Userful doesn’t use proprietary chipsets.

  Any display Adaptor

Zero Client or adaptor is a piece of hardware running Userful software is installed directly onto the back of any display.

  Smart Displays  uClient App

Smart displays can Download the Userful uClient app directly onto their local storage and run Userful software with no additional hardware needed.

Connect all displays directly using either an Ethernet switch or over the LAN.

1G or 10G Network

Network flexibility for ease of management and growth

Use your existing network, either 1G or 10G or isolate your video wall traffic on a dedicated network.  Userful can also be deployed offline with no internet connection and operating only within the LAN.
Server connects to displays over the network or LAN


Replace traditional video wall hardware, with one server

Install Userful’s software appliance on an off-the-shelf server/PC running. This server handles the decoding, encoding, encrypting and transmission of real-time video, browsers, cloud dashboards or interactive desktops.

 Learn More about Userful’s Server Deployment Options  Learn more

Alternatively, you can use the first cloud-based  product for video walls that requires no on-site hardware at all.

On-Premise Server

A dedicated private server, operates online with management through the cloud, or operates offline managed within the LAN.

Cloud Server

Deploy  on a Hosted Cloud Service, either a Public Cloud hosted by AWS or on a dedicated public cloud account.

Hybrid Deployment

Mix multiple server types across a single organization and manage the entire deployment through a single toolset.

Data Center Coming soon

Hardware options that scale to meet your needs to stream any content source to displays across the (WAN).


Show any source on your video wall at any time, and in real time

Deploy any source anywhere onto any screen at any time, and in real time.

  Sources available to deployments using an on-premise server are virtually unlimited and include:

RDP RTP RTSP Web Browser VNC HTML5 Video Network streamed sources Integrated CMSs data from AI and IOT HDMI and SDI capture and more

  Sources available to deployments using a Cloud server are virtually unlimited and include:

HDMI Capture (HDCP Compliant) Network Streamer Video of unlimited resolution Light use of Web Browser

Switch Content

Easily change content displayed in real time

Userful's intuitive management tools make it easy to change content sources in real time. Or trigger content changes or other events using Userful's powerful API.

drag & drop Management

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key features

A Feature-rich Solution for Mission Critical Deployments


Flexible Layouts

Use Zones, Multi-Window, or Picture-in-Picture to design optimal layouts with maximum flexibility. Divide and display content simultaneously.


Cloud Management

Control Video Walls at multiple locations—remotely or locally using Userful's cloud servers.


Custom Presets

Automate content using the Preset-Switcher for different sources, layouts, and time schedules; using a desktop or mobile device.


Interactive Viewer

Use a browser (including a smartphone) as the mouse and keyboard for the video wall-- or for any zone within the video wall.


Desktop Streaming

Operators can easily display their desktops on the video wall using the local area network. For higher resolution use HDMI connection.


Role Based Access Control

Assign and restrict specific features based on custom teams. Assign users to groups based on team membership or individual roles.

Central Management

A Featureful and Powerful Platform that's also Easy to Use Platform

Userful is the best way to deploy not just large video walls but display systems of every kind. A scalable, flexible and secure visual networking platform, Userful makes it easy and affordable to centrally manage all the displays that power operational productivity. business communication, collaboration and customer engagement organization wide.

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Cutting up to 90% of conventional AV hardware saves up to 40% of total costs

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