Userful Cloud Standard

Userful Cloud Standard makes it easy to deploy simple video walls and digital signs to smart displays. With support for 2x2 and 3x3 video walls plus individual screens, it’s ideal for digital signage, corporate communication, process automation and related applications.



Understanding Userful Cloud Standard

Userful Cloud connects with smart displays and eliminates the media players, thin clients, cables, extenders and other hardware typically required to display content on screens throughout an organization.

  Browser Based Interface

The entire solution is managed through an easy to use, browser-based cloud interface for setting up displays and managing content including scheduling.


uClient Installs Directly in Smart Displays

The uClient App is downloaded onto the displays, enabling them to connect directly to Userful Cloud. Content is delivered over the network including video and images, live streaming via protocols like RTSP, RTP and HTTP plus live capture through HDMI.


Why Choose Userful Cloud Standard


Lite CMS

Centrally schedule changes to content and video wall layout and upload content centrally then deploy to displays worldwide using through the cloud.


Mirror Group

Synchronize playback of a single source across multiple displays or video walls (the same content plays at exactly the same time).


Source Switcher

Non admin staff can change source on any video wall or display with a single touch on a tablet or phone from source switcher options enabled by Administrator.


No Additional Hardware

Simplify your installation and increase reliability by eliminating additional hardware. Userful Cloud also supports WiFi equipped displays.


2x2 & 3x3 Layout

Layout of displays in video walls is limited to a 2x2, 3x3. For more advanced configurations see Userful's Professional+ and Enterprise products.


API   Add-on

The Userful REST API is a powerful set of tools to programmatically interact with Userful allowing administrators to trigger playlists, source and zone changes and more.

Where to use Cloud Standard


Digital signage

Use digital displays and video walls for customer communication, education and brand promotion in retail locations.

Key Feature
Cloud management allows central control of content management across multi-site deployments.


Corporate communication

Use video walls and displays to share vital information to staff.

Key Feature
Multi level management options allows blend of central control across all sites and local control for each office.


Marketing and messaging

Video walls and digital displays stand out from the crowd, attract attention and engage your audience.

Key Feature
Synchronize content across digital signs and video walls for a fully immersive experience.

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