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Advanced LED Wall Controller

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform delivers maximum flexibility and control for LED deployments ranging from control rooms and operation centers to digital signage and retail displays

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Any source anywhere on an LED wall at any time

Schedule content and layout changes by time and date, or use Userful’s API to trigger content and lay out changes from third party applications.

Userful enables customers to deploy any content source anywhere on an LED wall using picture in picture and multi-window for maximum flexibility. With Userful the entire LED wall becomes a custom canvas with maximum flexibility for the customer to display content in the most flexible ways possible.

Display a mix of content sources including:

Live Data Canned Video Interactive content Real time content Camera Feeds Dashboards Desktops ETC.

Userful On-Premise and cloud server connecting to zero client and uclient

Unlimited resolution and any aspect ratio

Userful supports unlimited resolution video onto LED walls.

As the pixel density of LED walls increases, many organizations are looking to increase the resolution of the content they can display. With Userful, the content resolution is unlimited and Userful supports any aspect ratio content--no matter how unusual.

Control room solution

Command & Control Solution for Mission Critical

Userful’s complete mission critical solution for control rooms and operation centers is available for LED walls to enhance real-time decision making.

Administrators get the ability to designate and restrict specific features based on custom teams using Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

With Userful operators get full control from a browser, no apps required. Operators can:

  • Intuitively place windows free form to create a custom workspace with multiple sources, in real time.
  • Quickly spread windows across multiple displays or compare sources side by side.
  • Create predefined layouts and switch between them with one click.
  • Display as many simultaneous browser windows as needed.
  • Control the mouse and keyboard of an interactive source from their desktops with Userful’s software KVM functionality.
  • Share their desktops and any other source required.

The visual networking platform

Part of a complete Visual Networking Platform

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform enables customers to deploy any display asset--LED walls, but also digital signs, LCD screens, kiosks and video walls. All display assets and the content on them are easy to centrally manage and control.

With Userful, customers no longer need to juggle multiple solutions to address their many display requirements from back of office control room video walls to welcome screens in the lobby. Userful is a single solution to seamlessly deploy, connect and manage all the displays, video walls and LED walls throughout an organization.

Userful On-Premise and cloud server connecting to zero client and uclient
Userful On-Premise and cloud server connecting to zero client and uclient

How it works

How Userful works with LED walls

Userful is software that operates on a server and connects to displays over the network. A single server can drive many displays and many walls simultaneously.

Customers can choose to put their Userful server either on-premise and connect it to the LED wall over the local area network, or the Userful server can be deployed in the cloud. 

Each LED controller is driven by a Userful adapter running Userful's uClient app. That adapter connects back to the Userful server over the network.  Customers can combine multiple LED controllers into a single LED wall.

LED Pricing

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