The Control Room of the Future: Flexibility is King

The function of a control room has evolved tremendously in recent years. When you think about a control room in the past you think of mission critical environments with a variety of displays to facilitate monitoring and real-time decision making vital to business and security requirements. Historically, these conventional control rooms require extensive setup and training to operate. The traditional software is designed for dedicated and trained operators with large budgets to purchase and maintain equipment.

However, with an increased emphasis on mobility and virtual communication, organizations rely heavily on quick visual collaboration, monitoring, and real time response across many areas of their business -- not just in multi-million dollar control rooms with full-time staff devoted to it.

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The reality of business today is that data and information sources are booming. People have all sorts of information at their fingertips to make decisions, but you still need to be able to sort and view that information to best utilize it. Video walls are essential tools to help organize and visualize all this information, and thus, they are in high demand. Organizations are looking for exactly what has been used in control rooms all these years, but much more flexible in terms of operation and costs.

Many of the control room applications and functionalities are now spreading throughout the enterprise, leveraging the use of visual displays to improve operations and increase efficiency. There are operation centers of all kinds: network, security, social media, or command and control to name a few. Team collaboration is also an important aspect of these visual display applications, which are often set up in meeting rooms, huddle rooms, etc. to pull up different data and information to look at in different ways, much like a control room, to enable team members to collaborate on decisions. Organizations need increased flexibility to put any visual source, on any display, at anytime.

Being able to pull up and manipulate content quickly and with great ease is a sought after currency for organizations looking to deploy visual display solutions for their business. Userful has that solution! We have recently announced our new drag-and-drop Command and Control Module as part of our Visual Networking Platform. With the new feature users can move and resize unlimited sources on a video wall or large display directly from a web browser -- allowing for efficient source management. There is no app or additional software needed, users can manage the displays through their phone, tablet, or computer. This makes it easy for anyone or department to collaborate using a video wall, enabling access and control from anywhere around the globe -- dramatically improving operations.

A few key features of the command and control module include:

  • An entirely browser-based tool that runs on any platform; no additional software to install or manage and integrate seamlessly with current client software
  • Unlimited number of sources and user licenses for increased flexibility
  • Multiple operators can work simultaneously on the same display
  • Can work entirely on LAN; no WAN or internet connection required for increased security
  • Easy and intuitive interface that does not require additional training

If you would like more information on the Command and Control Module or our Visual Networking Platform, contact us at

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